How to Package your Passions, Interests & Skills

Francine Beleyi

Francine Beleyi

Francine  Beleyi
Francine Beleyi
Digital Strategist and Communication Consultant

About the Instructor

Francine Beleyi is Digital Strategist and Communication Consultant, founder of nucleus of change, a company specialising in helping organisations to adapt & thrive in the digital age and, where we teach experts, entrepreneurs and other individuals to learn step by step they skills they need to use digital tools to start and grow a business online and stop trading time for money.

She has 20+ years of Business Experience and LOVE helping forward thinking businesses and individuals to develop fresh solutions to their problems and have helped hundreds of people and businesses to improve their digital skills, implement marketing strategies that work and design innovative business models.
Her passion is to use digital technology to create a better world for all and she is on a mission to empower many more entrepreneurs and professionals who share the same vision and passion. You can also find out more about her on her personal website

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Course Description

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why you should Package your Passions, Interests and Skills with a strong Personal Brand
  • What stops people from creating a powerful Personal Brand
  • My framework, ‘The 7 Pillars Of Personal Branding In A Digital Age TM’ to build a powerful personal brand that resonates with your desired audience and attract lucrative opportunities
  • How to Create an Execution plan to Build your Own Platform

Who Will Benefit from this course?

If you are a Business owner, freelance or any other professional

  • Looking to breakthrough to the next level in your professional and personal life
  • You want to package your skills, passion and interests to become an expert your chosen field
  • You want to be paid more, attract high level partners and exciting opportunities
  • You want to create a community to share your gifts and pass on your message to live a fulfilled life
  • You want to breakthrough and make a difference in your own life and make a difference in the lives of many other people
  • You want to live on your own terms, have freedom to work from anywhere, take time off whenever you want and choose people you work with
The tools, strategies and the step by step plan, will help you to start to build a strong personal brand and achieve your goals faster.

What to expect in this course?

  • Why Should You Package Your Passion, Interest and Skills in a Strong personal Brand in a Digital Age?
  • Examples and reflective activities to create your personal brand
  • The 7 Steps to Create An Influential Personal Brand in a Digital AgeTM!
  • How to break through these Limitations and Take Control of your Personal Brand?
  • What stops people from creating a Personal Brand?

Course Contents

10 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Survey
8 Texts
3.0 hrs